ComcSoft's New Tool on iOS: PowerPDF

Today, ComcSoft announces availability of PowerPDF, the powerful PDF viewer and editor on Apple App Store. PowerPDF is a universal App, which runs on both iPhone and iPad. It’s features include:

Power PDF provides easy creatation of PDF on your iPhone/iPad. It supports:

  • Converts supported files to PDF. Supported files include: DOC, XLS, PPT, TXT, RTF, XML, HTML and all text files.
  • Converts photos to PDF.
  • Scans to PDF using your Camera.

Power PDF provides easy modification on PDF files. It supports:

  • Combines two PDF files.
  • Splits a PDF file into two or more files.
  • Deletes one or more pages from your PDF.
  • Adds password protection to your PDF.

Power PDF provides easy viewing of PDF files. It supports:

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  • Views PDF in thumbnail or full screen modes.
  • Extracts text from PDF.
  • Adds bookmarks on PDF.
  • Searches within PDF.
  • Navigates to different pages within PDF.
  • Zooms in/Zooms out on PDF.

With its powerful PDF processing and file management tools, Power PDF is the must-have App on your iPhone/iPad.

PowerPDF has three versions: the Free Version is available from App Store:;mt=8.

The Full Version is available through In-App purchase within Free Version. A Pro Version is available from App Store:;mt=8.

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