Another great App from ComcSoft

ComcSoft announces availability of Power Photo on App Store.  iOS users can download it free at:;mt=8

Power Photo is a powerful tool for photo taking and image processing on iPhone/iPad. It has the following features:

- Supports many image formats, including: PNG, JPG/JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF.

- Supports conversion to PDF and GIF from your Photo Albums and Local Photos.

- Supports photo processing features including: cropping, size adjustment, rotation, color adjustment, and special effect filters.

- Supports Special Effect Camera with many filters.

- Supports GIF Camera and GIF creation.

- Supports batch photo processing features including: conversion, email, size reduction, printing, and saving to Camera Roll.

- Supports photo sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Weibo.

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- Supports photo slide shows.

- Supports to open a photo in another App through “Open In”.

Power Photo also has a File Manager, which:

- Supports to import files from your Camera Roll, Email or another App.

- Supports file management features including: rename, deletion, move, folder creation and sorting.

- Supports keyword search on Local Photos and Camera Rolls.

- Supports to open many file types, including: PDF, DOC, EXCEL, PPT, TXT, image files, and audio files.

With its powerful image processing and file management tools, Power Photo provides the easiest way to manage and process images on your iPhone and iPad.