ComcSoft today announced release of PowerReader

Today ComcSoft announced availability of another great App PowerReader on Apple App Store.

PowerReader is a powerful tool to view documents and eBooks on iPad/iPhone. It supports:

  • Open and view many document types, including: DOC, EXCEL, PDF, PPT, RTF, HTML, images, videos and mp3 files.
  • Read EPUB and TXT eBooks in Book Reader.
  • Add and manage Bookmarks on eBooks.
  • Enable different viewing settings on eBooks, including: font, brightness, themes, day/night modes.
  • Auto play eBooks with speed setting.
  • Add and manage documents in your favorite file list.
  • Open documents from your recent file list.
  • Download eBooks from websites.

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PowerReader also has a File Manager, which supports the following features:

  • Import files from your Camera Roll, Email or another App through “Open In”.
  • Manage Files including: rename, delete, move, create folder and sort.
  • Search file names.
  • Email and print documents.
  • Open a document using another App.

With its simple interfaces, PowerReader provides the easiest way to read documents and eBooks on iPhone and iPad.


ComcSoft's New Tool on iOS: PowerPDF

Today, ComcSoft announces availability of PowerPDF, the powerful PDF viewer and editor on Apple App Store. PowerPDF is a universal App, which runs on both iPhone and iPad. It’s features include:

Power PDF provides easy creatation of PDF on your iPhone/iPad. It supports:

  • Converts supported files to PDF. Supported files include: DOC, XLS, PPT, TXT, RTF, XML, HTML and all text files.
  • Converts photos to PDF.
  • Scans to PDF using your Camera.

Power PDF provides easy modification on PDF files. It supports:

  • Combines two PDF files.
  • Splits a PDF file into two or more files.
  • Deletes one or more pages from your PDF.
  • Adds password protection to your PDF.

Power PDF provides easy viewing of PDF files. It supports:

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  • Views PDF in thumbnail or full screen modes.
  • Extracts text from PDF.
  • Adds bookmarks on PDF.
  • Searches within PDF.
  • Navigates to different pages within PDF.
  • Zooms in/Zooms out on PDF.

With its powerful PDF processing and file management tools, Power PDF is the must-have App on your iPhone/iPad.

PowerPDF has three versions: the Free Version is available from App Store:;mt=8.

The Full Version is available through In-App purchase within Free Version. A Pro Version is available from App Store:;mt=8.

Another great App from ComcSoft

ComcSoft announces availability of Power Photo on App Store.  iOS users can download it free at:;mt=8

Power Photo is a powerful tool for photo taking and image processing on iPhone/iPad. It has the following features:

- Supports many image formats, including: PNG, JPG/JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF.

- Supports conversion to PDF and GIF from your Photo Albums and Local Photos.

- Supports photo processing features including: cropping, size adjustment, rotation, color adjustment, and special effect filters.

- Supports Special Effect Camera with many filters.

- Supports GIF Camera and GIF creation.

- Supports batch photo processing features including: conversion, email, size reduction, printing, and saving to Camera Roll.

- Supports photo sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Weibo.

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- Supports photo slide shows.

- Supports to open a photo in another App through “Open In”.

Power Photo also has a File Manager, which:

- Supports to import files from your Camera Roll, Email or another App.

- Supports file management features including: rename, deletion, move, folder creation and sorting.

- Supports keyword search on Local Photos and Camera Rolls.

- Supports to open many file types, including: PDF, DOC, EXCEL, PPT, TXT, image files, and audio files.

With its powerful image processing and file management tools, Power Photo provides the easiest way to manage and process images on your iPhone and iPad.

iZip 6.4 now is available in App Store

ComcSoft today announces the availability of iZip 6.4 in App Store for download. iZip 6.4 is an incremental update to the popular Zip file management tool on iOS. Newly added features include:

  1. iZip 6.4 is now iPhone 5 compatible.
  2. Added file deletion by swiping on the row.
  3. Added 10 more languages in iTunes Connect.
  4. Added Tutorial videos in About iZip.
  5. Added Portrait Mode in File View in the Paid /Pro version.
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  7. Fixed an issue of MP3 playback in Pro Version.

With its simple interface and powerful library, iZip is a must have utility on your iPhone and iPad.

To download iZip 6.4 free, visit:;uo=4

iNetTools: Another Great Free App from ComcSoft

ComcSoft announces the 1.0 release of iNetTools on Apple App Store. iNetTools is a suite of network diagnose tools, including Ping, DNS Lookup, Trace Route, and Port Scan. iNetTools runs on both iPad and iPhone. iNetTools is free to download. The free version comes with all features and has an Ad banner at the bottom of the screen. Users can also pay $2.99 to upgrade to the Full Version, which removes the Ad banner and upgrade prompt.

To learn more about iNetTools, you can visit:

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ComcSoft Announces Availability of iEditor

Today, ComcSoft announced the availability in App Store of another great utility App: iEditor – the text editing tool. With iEditor, editing text based files becomes a simple task on iPhone/iPad. Supported formats include: TXT, HTML, JAVA, C, XML, shell scripts, log files and more. It’s a must have tool for users who need to edit files regularly on iOS devices. The app is available at:;uo=4

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iSafeBox for iOS: the most secure way to protect your data

Another great iOS App: iSafeBox is now available on App Store. iSafeBox provides most secure protection for documents, photos, passwords and personal information on iPad/iPhone using AES 256 encryption. From now on, a user will never need to worry about his/her critical data on the iOS devices if they are lost. Without knowing the master password, nobody will be able to decrypt the data stored in iSafeBox.

iSafeBox also provide Sync Service to users, which allows data backup and restore in iCloud. The Sync Service costs $2.99 and it also removes the ads.

You can learn more about iSafeBox at:

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